Sunday, June 10, 2007

The One

You are the One who taught me to smile,
Made my life more beautiful than the lilies of the nile,
You are the One who taught me to walk,
Listened with joy to all my new born baby crock,
You are the One who taught me to drive,
Hit on the radio to a 1930's jive,
You are the One who taught me to fight,
Saved me from withering by curing the blight,
You are the One who taught me not to lie,
Helped me dream a life as colourful as a pumpkin pie,
And, You are the One who taught me to cry,
Tears flow down like it pours from a mackerel sky.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The cold sand of a night beach,
Troubles dissolved in an oily sea,

A fanciful flight across the galaxies,
With an unbound nomadic mind,

The circling blue skies up above,
And the caressing bed of white clouds,

The lush green of a windswept field,
Singing the morning raga in your ears,

The warmth of an early morning sunshine,
A scribbled page of love poetry in hand,

The ramblings of a rolling river,
In the silence of a dense forest,

The smile of a new born baby,
And the Scent of the woman you love,

The sound of flute coruscating through your mind,
As you lay cozy on your mother's lap,

These pervasive beauties of the world,
Reiterate that we live our lives in a heavenly bliss.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

O' Girl !!

Days flew by with the years counting,
The search inside my soul never ending,
As People, they came and As Friends, they left,
O' Girl, I hope you have come to end my quest ....

Stayed on the race, to reach the nothing,
And chased a mirage of my destination,
It was a race of a tortoise,
Against a bullet train,
The train ain't the hare to rest,
O' Girl, and this ain't just a story ....

Send me an angel and Show me the light,
The glimmer of hope and the miracle of a fight,
O' Girl, the honey on my anhydrous tongue,
Cometh and cure the cancer in my lung ....

With your smile of a million stars in the sky,
You just say a Hi, and make me Fly,
O' Girl, the green leaf under the droplets of rain,
Cometh and complete me again ....

So close, yet so far away,
I know it's just words that will make my love stay,
A third degree burn or the unsaid feeling that makes my heart go sore,
O' Girl, I don't have to tell you what hurts me more ....