Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life In A Mosh Pit

There were days when I cried for acceptance,
There were days when I really had to try so hard,
This ploughman life, knew how to dig my grave,
But a war cry in my heart,
Makes me wanna fight..

Keep your sorrows air tight,
Wrapped inside so that you can't hear them all night,
All those days that you wandered lonely,
All those people who laughed at you so coldly,
All has gone in vapour..
Yeah, erased off the paper ..

I wished I was never born,
But now that I am here,
I will live my life in a mosh pit..
Flailing my hands up in the air,
Free of all the troubles and sorrows,
Dance like I'm not sure about tomorrow,
I will live my life in a mosh pit..

Live on,
Live on,
Life in a mosh pit..
Live free,
So care free,
Throw away all the sorrows,
Throw away all that has bogged you down,
And Live a life,
In a Mosh pit...

I look up at the sky,
And wonder why can't I reach it,
I need to get high.. higher..