Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Do You know how it is to live
With a body of a grown up and a heart of a three year old ?
Longing for the lost that can live only in memories.
Fast cars and super bikes,
Drooling chicks and green papers in bank,
Can't buy me anything Mr. Duffer King of thy world!

Do You know how it is to cry
When there are a million reasons to smile ?
If You were one of us,
Would You have written the same screenplay for Your life?
I wish You come down to stay with us,
Will show You how it feels to twist the wings of a dove,
Will show You how it feels to take away something that You love.

I want to see my tears run down Your face,
Amputate Your hands ,
You can't wipe them off with grace.
I want to show You everything You never wanted to see!

Oh go ahead Mr. Faceless coward,
Make me meet your sycophants who call me an Atheist,
I crack my jokes at them and I do laugh at them,
Don't You know that I have to believe in You,
If I have to hate You ?


Blogger Neema! said...

Honestly.......I think its profound. :) Good luck da!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Gayathri said...

well man dat was some good work!! you just expressed wats within mst of us..

good luck

3:14 AM  

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