Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life In A Mosh Pit

There were days when I cried for acceptance,
There were days when I really had to try so hard,
This ploughman life, knew how to dig my grave,
But a war cry in my heart,
Makes me wanna fight..

Keep your sorrows air tight,
Wrapped inside so that you can't hear them all night,
All those days that you wandered lonely,
All those people who laughed at you so coldly,
All has gone in vapour..
Yeah, erased off the paper ..

I wished I was never born,
But now that I am here,
I will live my life in a mosh pit..
Flailing my hands up in the air,
Free of all the troubles and sorrows,
Dance like I'm not sure about tomorrow,
I will live my life in a mosh pit..

Live on,
Live on,
Life in a mosh pit..
Live free,
So care free,
Throw away all the sorrows,
Throw away all that has bogged you down,
And Live a life,
In a Mosh pit...

I look up at the sky,
And wonder why can't I reach it,
I need to get high.. higher..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Beat by beat,
My heart starts to weep,
If I don't let it out,
This love is gonna suffocate me..
Whose fault is it?
Why is it so painful ?

Don't tell me,
That you don't need my reasons,
I have been searching for words,
And when I found them,
Allow me.. Allow me to speak..

Ooooh this world is so dark without you,
The eerie serene darkness is so blinding,
Ooooh this world is so silent without you,
The screeching sound of silence is so deafening..
Is this the fate of everyone,
That even your shadow ditches you,
When everything around you is so dark..

Don't tell me,
That you don't need my reasons,
I have been really short of words,
And when I want to speak,
Allow me.. Please allow me..

Monday, September 10, 2007

In My Darkest Hour

There's so much in me,
That even time cannot heal,
You still capture me in my realms,
In the worst comprehension of my grubby dreams,
So tell me,
Did you think about us,
When you signed the silent accord?

You took away all that I had,
And left me here... waiting,
Dark clouds surrounding me,
My worst fears have come alive,
I always relied on you to ward off the ghosts,
Now why do you want me to fight them alone?
(curdled with fright)

I look in the mirror,
And see you there,
But there's a world between you and me,
coz you are so far away.. I can't reach you,
So tell me,
Why were you in such a hurry,
To exchange blankets for shrouds?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Teary Eyed Queen

She was born to rule the world,
The world she wished was so far,
Away from the human scope..

Treachery, treason and all that she has gone through,
(All in the name of love)
The teary eyed queen wanders alone...

Hatred in her heart,
The weight of the world on her shoulder,
She got herself lost,
Somewhere in the woods....

She knew a place as a child,
But it has turned cold and frozen,
So wicked for the humans to live,
Yeah, she longs for that place now,
She longs for love in that wicked world..

Treachery, treason and all that she has gone through,
(All in the name of love)
The teary eyed queen wanders alone...

She's got all but not what she wants,
In this lonely world she is searching for,
What she has lost somewhere in the distant far,
She carries a world behind those blue eyes,
And looks at this wicked one with a flooding hope..

The teary eyed queen,
Wanders alone,
The teary eyed queen,
Moves on n on...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gloomy Day Blues

My heart is so full,
Feels like I'm gonna break down,
The bomb lives on ticking inside,
The explosion time is not known,
But the day shall come,
And it is not so far away..

My soul is so blue,
Feels like I'm glued to the thorny wall,
Is your hate so true?
I feel like running to the noman's land,
Oh this shine of the sun,
Makes my vision go blind..

Please take me off the spotlight,
Lighting the seat of shame,
If you knew I'm gonna lose this game,
Why did you even make me play?

This night I destroyed all the hopes,
But I want to shout it out,
So that you'll atleast know,
That he's got everything that I have to live without..
Sometimes my life makes me wonder,
Whether it will ever move on..

Is this all happening for real,
Or will you be by my side,
When I wake up the next day?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Stranger Within

Within my gate,
True or Kind, I care not,
I can feel her mind, but she does talk not,
No interpreters needed,
When I bought and sold my heart,
But now I do wish,
She was just a stranger within,

Dived into the ocean of illusion,
Wanting to see so deep within me,
Hoping to hear you,
For one last time,
But little did I know,
You were never mine..

The lost in my eyes,
The sadness in my soul,
The sound of my silence,
The scream of my wildness...
Is it her or is it the me,
A stranger within?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Do You know how it is to live
With a body of a grown up and a heart of a three year old ?
Longing for the lost that can live only in memories.
Fast cars and super bikes,
Drooling chicks and green papers in bank,
Can't buy me anything Mr. Duffer King of thy world!

Do You know how it is to cry
When there are a million reasons to smile ?
If You were one of us,
Would You have written the same screenplay for Your life?
I wish You come down to stay with us,
Will show You how it feels to twist the wings of a dove,
Will show You how it feels to take away something that You love.

I want to see my tears run down Your face,
Amputate Your hands ,
You can't wipe them off with grace.
I want to show You everything You never wanted to see!

Oh go ahead Mr. Faceless coward,
Make me meet your sycophants who call me an Atheist,
I crack my jokes at them and I do laugh at them,
Don't You know that I have to believe in You,
If I have to hate You ?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The One

You are the One who taught me to smile,
Made my life more beautiful than the lilies of the nile,
You are the One who taught me to walk,
Listened with joy to all my new born baby crock,
You are the One who taught me to drive,
Hit on the radio to a 1930's jive,
You are the One who taught me to fight,
Saved me from withering by curing the blight,
You are the One who taught me not to lie,
Helped me dream a life as colourful as a pumpkin pie,
And, You are the One who taught me to cry,
Tears flow down like it pours from a mackerel sky.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The cold sand of a night beach,
Troubles dissolved in an oily sea,

A fanciful flight across the galaxies,
With an unbound nomadic mind,

The circling blue skies up above,
And the caressing bed of white clouds,

The lush green of a windswept field,
Singing the morning raga in your ears,

The warmth of an early morning sunshine,
A scribbled page of love poetry in hand,

The ramblings of a rolling river,
In the silence of a dense forest,

The smile of a new born baby,
And the Scent of the woman you love,

The sound of flute coruscating through your mind,
As you lay cozy on your mother's lap,

These pervasive beauties of the world,
Reiterate that we live our lives in a heavenly bliss.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

O' Girl !!

Days flew by with the years counting,
The search inside my soul never ending,
As People, they came and As Friends, they left,
O' Girl, I hope you have come to end my quest ....

Stayed on the race, to reach the nothing,
And chased a mirage of my destination,
It was a race of a tortoise,
Against a bullet train,
The train ain't the hare to rest,
O' Girl, and this ain't just a story ....

Send me an angel and Show me the light,
The glimmer of hope and the miracle of a fight,
O' Girl, the honey on my anhydrous tongue,
Cometh and cure the cancer in my lung ....

With your smile of a million stars in the sky,
You just say a Hi, and make me Fly,
O' Girl, the green leaf under the droplets of rain,
Cometh and complete me again ....

So close, yet so far away,
I know it's just words that will make my love stay,
A third degree burn or the unsaid feeling that makes my heart go sore,
O' Girl, I don't have to tell you what hurts me more ....