Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gloomy Day Blues

My heart is so full,
Feels like I'm gonna break down,
The bomb lives on ticking inside,
The explosion time is not known,
But the day shall come,
And it is not so far away..

My soul is so blue,
Feels like I'm glued to the thorny wall,
Is your hate so true?
I feel like running to the noman's land,
Oh this shine of the sun,
Makes my vision go blind..

Please take me off the spotlight,
Lighting the seat of shame,
If you knew I'm gonna lose this game,
Why did you even make me play?

This night I destroyed all the hopes,
But I want to shout it out,
So that you'll atleast know,
That he's got everything that I have to live without..
Sometimes my life makes me wonder,
Whether it will ever move on..

Is this all happening for real,
Or will you be by my side,
When I wake up the next day?


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